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Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) leads and empowers the genetic, research, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic communities through the discovery, development and manufacture of proprietary life science technologies and consumables for disease prevention, treatment and cure.  - Powerful Science for Life™

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General Sales Terms and Conditions
All Prices are quoted FOB Sunnyvale, California. Arrayit product and service liability is limited to a full replacement or refund on any product or service purchased. In purchasing an Arrayit product or service, the customer waives any and all legal rights beyond product replacement or refund.

Arrayit Technology
Arrayit Corporation manufacturing and genotyping technologies are protected by
United States Patents 6,101,946 and 6,913,879 and foreign equivalents. These patents prohibit the unauthorized manufacture, use, sale and import of our patented technologies. The vast majority of our customers, suppliers, vendors, collaborators, and employees respect our intellectual property and trade secrets, and we appreciate their professionalism. Arrayit views any attempts at the misappropriation of its technology as a serious matter and will seek to enforce its patents using the fullest extent of the law. Arrayit contact printing technology protected by US 6,101,946 is offered for research purposes only, and all other uses including diagnostics require a license. Our patents are available for licensing worldwide. Please contact us at for licensing opportunities.

Other technology
Arrayit Corporation is not licensed under any patents owned by Oxford Gene Technology Ltd. ("OGT") for the use of oligonucleotide arrays. A license to OGT patents may be necessary to manufacture or use certain arrays. To inquire about a license to OGT's oligonucleotide array patents, please contact licensing@ogt.

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