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ArrayIt® division expands its domestic and international distributor agreements.

Sunnyvale, CA, September 17, 2007 – On September 14th, Arrayit expanded its agreements with both domestic and international distributors, in a move designed to expedite the sale of its ArrayIt® brand products to life sciences laboratories in the United States and abroad. The legendary laboratory supplies company VWR International, Inc., with annual sales of $3B US dollars, has agreed to include ArrayIt® brand products on the VWR shop site and to deploy a significant sales force to promote ArrayIt® products to its customers in the U.S. The renowned laboratory automation company Genetix, headquartered in Hampshire England, has been given worldwide distribution rights for ArrayIt® brand printing pins and printheads. A total of 34 distributors are currently distributing ArrayIt® brand products worldwide (Figure 1).

Arrayit President Ms. Rene Schena spoke directly to the importance of having ArrayIt® distributors in a global scientific community. “Our company mission requires us to provide innovative ArrayIt® products to our customers in an efficient and affordable manner, and towards this end we are pleased to have exceptional distributor assistance in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas. The recent addition of VWR and Genetix, along with our current and new distributors in emerging markets, permit the seamless flow of products and services from our ArrayIt® laboratories in Northern California to our customers worldwide. Our distributors add supply chain value with respect to the import, distribution and technical support of our products, and we want to extend our appreciation to each of our distributors for a collective job well done. We also invite prospective new distributors to join our team.”

arrayit distributors
Figure 1. Shown is a graphical representation of current ArrayIt® products and services distributors and their office locations worldwide. Our distributors facilitate the sale and use of our products in the United States, Australia, Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.

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TeleChem International is a privately owned high-tech company located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley.  Our products and services are provided by three corporate divisions: ArrayIt® Life Sciences Division, Chemicals Division, and a Diagnostics Division. The ArrayIt® Life Sciences Division offers a complete microarray technology platform that empowers >10,000 laboratories to use microarrays for human genome exploration, basic research, drug discovery, and myriad life sciences applications.  Nearly every major research institution uses our patented microarray manufacturing technology (U.S. 6,101,946) and supporting products and services.  The Chemicals Division provides import and export services and government contract manufacturing in the area of industrial chemicals for plastics, fire control, water treatment, agriculture, industrial and institutional compounding, and green energy. The Diagnostics Division holds key patents in the United States (6,913,879), Singapore (94899), New Zealand (523560), and other countries for its revolutionary “multi-patient” genotyping technology, which allows as many as 100,000 patients to be tested on a single microarray. Arrayit Diagnostics enables genotyping and disease diagnostics by providing testing kits, services, and technology transfer opportunities for disease screening and testing organizations.

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