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ArrayIt® opens NanoPrint™ Demonstration Facility.

Sunnyvale, CA, December 5, 2007 – On December 5th, Arrayit announced the opening of a new facility to facilitate customer access to the company’s increasingly popular line of NanoPrint™ Enterprise Level Microarrayers. The ArrayIt® NanoPrint™ Demonstration Facility is a class 100 microarray cleanroom laboratory equipped with an LM210 NanoPrint™ Enterprise Level Microarrayer (see Figure 1). The Demonstration Facility was constructed in response to customer requests for system demonstrations prior to purchasing an LM60 or LM210 instrument. Demonstration Facility hours are 9 AM – 6 PM PST Monday to Friday and visits may be scheduled 30 days in advance by contacting the company’s public relations director, Mr. Paul Haje (

Arrayit Founder and Executive Vice President Mr. Todd Martinsky spoke directly about the benefits of the ArrayIt® NanoPrint™ Demonstration Facility. “Our NanoPrint™ LM60 and LM210 Enterprise Level Microarrayers are gaining increasing popularity in the marketplace, both as replacement instruments and new purchases. Customer demands for instrument demonstrations have been high and to address this demand we decided to open a formal facility to showcase this product line and allow users to test our NanoPrint™ Microarrayers prior to making purchasing decisions. A major capital equipment purchase is best made after hands-on experience. Our NanoPrint™ systems offer extremely sophisticated hardware and software solutions for research and diagnostic microarray manufacturing, and visitors are often impressed by the ease of use of the LM60 and LM210. Customer visits allow prospective buyers to fully explore the robot, graphical interface and equipment options in a state-of-the-art facility.”

Figure 1.  Shown is an LM210 NanoPrint™ Enterprise Level Microarrayer in the ArrayIt® NanoPrint™ Microarray Demonstration Facility. The class 100 microarray cleanroom environment provides an authentic environment for customers to explore the enormous depth and breadth of functionality of the ArrayIt® NanoPrint™ product line. Demonstration Facility hours are 9 AM – 6 PM PST Monday to Friday.

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TeleChem International is a privately owned high-tech company located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley.  Our products and services are provided by three corporate divisions: ArrayIt® Life Sciences Division, Chemicals Division, and a Diagnostics Division. The ArrayIt® Life Sciences Division offers a complete microarray technology platform that empowers >10,000 laboratories to use microarrays for human genome exploration, basic research, drug discovery, and myriad life sciences applications.  Nearly every major research institution uses our patented microarray manufacturing technology (U.S. 6,101,946) and supporting products and services.  The Chemicals Division provides import and export services and government contract manufacturing in the area of industrial chemicals for plastics, fire control, water treatment, agriculture, industrial and institutional compounding, and green energy. The Diagnostics Division holds key patents in the United States (6,913,879), Singapore (94899), New Zealand (523560), and other countries for its revolutionary “multi-patient” genotyping technology, which allows as many as 100,000 patients to be tested on a single microarray. Arrayit Diagnostics enables genotyping and disease diagnostics by providing testing kits, services, and technology transfer opportunities for disease screening and testing organizations.

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