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Dehumidification and interstitial printing features added to NanoPrint microarrayers.

Sunnyvale, CA, August 25, 2005 – Dehumidification and interstitial printing features allowing double-density "orange packing" spotting patterns are now available on the NanoPrint microarrayer. With the dehumidification option, the NanoPrint becomes the first microarrayer in the world with a fully active humidity control system to both add and remove humidity from the microarraying chamber. When combined with interstitial printing, greater density print runs are possible, even with hygroscopic printing buffers that increase spot diameter. As Peter White, Technical Director of the Functional Genomics Core at University of Pennsylvania explains, "The environmental control system on the Nanoprint allows us to precisely set and control the humidity for our microarray printing applications. In the past, high humidity levels have led to significant delays while we wait for less humid days. However, with the Nanoprint’s unique ability to dehumidify and humidify as needed we can print all year around and we no longer experience wasted print runs as a result of variations in weather conditions. Moreover, the ability to dehumidify has allowed us to use drier printing environments, which when combined with the NanoPrints precision printing and double density (orange packing) printing option, allows us to print over 30,000 elements when using DMSO. This represents over a 50% increase in our spots per slide capacity. " With the move of various types of microarrays into more critical applications, such as diagnostics, greater control of the environment and spotting patterns will lead to better and more reliable microarray manufacturing." Dehumidification and interstitial printing features add additional functionality to the NanoPrint Microarray product line, creating greater distance between ArrayIt® and the competition.

microarray orange packing
Figure 1. Screen shot of the interstitial microarray printing option, allowing double-density "orange packing" spotting patterns on ArrayIt's NanoPrint Microarrayers. This is one of many new features enabled by NanoPrint's Microarray Manager Software.

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