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Arrayit provides leading-edge technology to customers in the research, life sciences, healthcare, medical, clinical, and agricultural markets. We believe that informed investors make better shareholders. Please read the information below to learn about what we do, how we do it, and why Arrayit technology provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Nova television

Arrayit Corporation introduces for the first time the use of microarrays for human diagnostics on the Nova television special “Cracking the Code of Life”. The Arrayit platform allows pre-symptomatic testing and detection of serious illnesses such as ovarian cancer, leading to life saving treatments and cures.

The challenge
Genes, mRNAs and proteins work in concert in the human body to determine our health. Genes are made of DNA and the DNA blueprint in our cells is inherited from our parents. Each person has variations in their DNA blueprint. Most DNA variations in the DNA code have little or no impact on a person’s health, but certain variations can cause serious diseases such as sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, Parkinson’s Disease, hereditary hearing loss, ovarian cancer and other clinical conditions. Identifying variations in the DNA blueprint is performed using a process known as genotyping. Genotyping allows scientists and doctors to detect disease-causing variations in the DNA code. The challenge in genotyping is to affordably test the DNA from hundreds, thousands, and even millions of patients quickly and easily. Genotyping information is used to make medical decisions, so the genotyping process must also be highly accurate and capable of analyzing every gene in the human body.

Plants and animals, like humans, each have a unique DNA blueprint. Plant and animal blueprints are quite different from the human blueprint, but the importance of plants in agriculture and the central role of animals as clinical models for human disease place a premium on plant and animal genotyping. An ideal genotyping procedure would allow analysis of humans, as well as plants, animals, bacteria, viruses and all other organisms of agricultural and clinical interest.

A second challenge is presented by mRNAs and proteins, the molecules in our bodies that carry out the instructions of the genes. The cellular process in which genes direct the production of mRNAs and proteins in our cells is known as gene expression. During the course of gene expression, the amount of each mRNA and protein in the human body can change dramatically over the course of our lives and even during the course of the day. Levels of mRNAs and proteins are affected by stress, diet, and medication. Unusual patterns of mRNA expression can identify patients at risk for certain medications. The presence of specific proteins in the blood stream can provide early warning signals for prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and other illnesses. The capacity to detect and identify human mRNAs and proteins is of enormous medical value. An ideal life sciences healthcare platform would allow the analysis of DNA, mRNA and protein molecules.

Solution to the challenge
Arrayit has developed and patented the world’s finest platform for analyzing DNA, mRNA and protein molecules found in the human body. The Arrayit platform uses a revolutionary device known as a microarray (see Figure 1). Arrayit microarrays are glass substrates that contain DNA spots representing all 25,000 genes in the human genome (blueprint). An Arrayit microarray functions like a biological computer chip, rapidly computing information about each gene in the human body. Patient DNA, mRNA or protein molecules are obtained from a tissue sample such as small amount of human blood. The samples are labeled with fluorescent tags and mixed with a microarray to allow binding of each spot on the microarray with fluorescent molecules in the patient sample. Molecular interactions between the microarray spots and patient molecules cause each spot on the microarray to glow with an intensity consistent with the amount of DNA, mRNA or protein present in the sample. High-speed scanning of the fluorescent microarray provides quantitative data for every gene in the human body in about 5 minutes.

Arrayit microarray containing DNA for all 25,000 genes in the human body.

Arrayit advantage
The Arrayit platform including the company’s Variation Identification Platform™ (VIP) technology provides medically important information rapidly and at a low cost for a large number of patients. Arrayit has the market’s only comprehensive cost-effective solution for population-wide patient screening of DNA, RNA and protein samples for medical decision making. Cost, ease-of-use, flexibility, precision, speed and throughput combine to provide a competitive advantage for Arrayit in the marketplace.






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