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Arrayit Protein Microarray Platforms are complete microarray systems that include microarray manufacturing, processing, surface chemistry, detection reagents, scanning and analysis. Platforms are  suitable for a variety of proteomic applications including, micro multianalyte immunoassays, protein-antibody, antibody-protein, antibody-antigen, protein-protein, and protein-drug microarray assays.

SpotBot® 4 Protein Edition


Similar in design and operation to the SpotBot® 3, the SpotBot® 3 Protein Edition is the only personal microarrayer in the world that has built in “cold room” capabilities. The printing chamber, controlled by a sophisticated and durable “flow through” platen and digitally-controlled liquid chiller bath, allows cooling to 4°C. SpotBot® 3 PRO protects thermally-sensitive protein samples en route to powerful protein microarray discoveries.

NanoPrint 2 Protein Edition


Protein NanoPrint™ High Throughput Microarrayers include everything needed to manufacture protein microarrays at an enterprise level. Warp1 controllers and linear drive technology produces protein microarrays of unsurpassed quality in a near frictionless and extremely quiet manner with very low thermal output. LM60 and LM210 Protein Systems print onto 60 and 210 glass substrates, respectively. Extensive options are available on both systems.

SpotLight 2 Scanners

ArrayIt® introduces a new line of microarray scanning instruments that provide improved performance and efficiency compared to commercial laser scanners. SpotLight leverages new “cool” excitation technology, sensitive deep-space imaging detectors, proprietary high numerical aperture lenses and custom filter sets to capture more signal than traditional microarray scanners, while offering greatly reduced background. ArrayIt® sets a new standard in microarray scanning with the 2-color SpotLight and the 6-color SpotLight Turbo systems.

SuperEpoxy 2 Protein


SuperEpoxy 2 is a premier surface developed to provide high reactivity with DNA, proteins, cells, tissues, and other types of molecules that contain reactive amines. Surface coupling occurs spontaneously at ambient temperature and humidity, making SuperEpoxy 2 ideal for protein microarray applications. SuperEpoxy 2 Substrates are manufactured in state-of-the-art class 100 cleanrooms, using the most advanced procedures and surface chemistry available.

SpotWare Colorimetric Scanner


Our SpotWare technology offers colorimetric scanning for protein microarray applications. Based on encoded line scanning technology and a powerful graphical interface, SpotWare allows users to scan microarray labeled using alkaline phosphatase, horseradish peroxidase, and any other labeling procedure that produces pigmentation on a white membrane substrate slide. Ideal for research and low cost diagnostics.



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