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Products - Microarray Printing - 192 Technology

Product Description
Building on our superior intellectual property position (U.S. Patent 6,101,946) and successful implementation of more than 4,000 spotting devices installed over the last decade, Arrayit introduces 192 Pins and Printheads. This device prints microarrays 4 times faster than current 48 pin configurations!   Previous printing device designs put the Micro Spotting Pin spacing at 4.5 mm centers, the 192 device holds 192 pins at 2.25 mm centers in a 8 x 24 pattern to load samples from 1536 well plates. Like our other spotting tools, this tool can print microarrays to slide substrates, proplate glass, biochips and specialized microplates designed for microarray applications.  High throughput via capillary delivery mechanism to load sample one time and make make up to 1,200 spots with a single load.

In addition to increased printing speeds, the device features our Professional Printhead design that reduces friction on shafts of Micro Spotting Pins in the Printhead by 66% and includes a positional accuracy of pin tip to pin tip of 1 micron.

How to Purchase and Use this Product
Currently this device is only available as an option on our NanoPrint Microarrayers.  Please contact us by Phone at 408-744-1331 or email: for a quote.  Please note: if you wish to integrate this spotting device onto an existing motion control system, current microarray robots will in most all cases require some customization to the Printhead in order for it to mount properly on the microarrayer. Additionally there will be compatibility issues to confirm at the pin wash dry station and the motion control software.  This microarray manufacturing device works under the identical motion control conditions as our popular 946, Stealth and ChipMaker style pin tools with the exception that loading samples from 1536 well plates is required for pin spacing of 2.25 mm center to center spacing. Source plate catalog ID MMP1536 is recommended.

Technical Assistance
Please contact us if you have any comments, suggestions, or if you need technical assistance by electronic mail, telephone (408) 744-1331, or fax 408-744-1711.

Commercial testing and diagnostic applications require a license. Please contact us ( for more information about licensing.



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