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Products - Microarray Printing - NanoPrint™ 2 Enterprise Level Microarray Printer Printheads

Arrayit NanoPrint™ 2 Microarray Printer LM60-2, LM60PRO-2, LM210-2 and LM210PRO-2 Printheads have a 48 microarray pin capacity and a bayonet quick-release that allows the printhead and pins to be removed without robot re-calibration. Compatible with the complete line of ArrayIt® Professional, 946 and Stealth microarray printing pins.

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NanoPrint™ 2 Printhead

Precision microarray printhead for NanoPrint 2 Microarrayers. Printheads and Pins covered by Arrayit Patent 6,101,946.



Professional NanoPrint™ 2 Printhead

High precision microarray printhead for with 66% less guiding friction for NanoPrint 2 Microarrayers. Printheads and Pins covered by Arrayit Patent 6,101,946.



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Arrayit microarray printing technology (U.S. 6,101,946) is sold license-free for research use only.
All other uses of our patented technology including commercial testing and diagnostics require a license. For license inquiries, please contact our Licensing Department at



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