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Products - Microarray Printing - Micro Spotting Demo

Micro Spotting Pin printing demonstration set-up.

Arrayit patented printing technology demonstration incluiding (1) Horizontal Micro Spotting Pin (CMP2) depositing samples without touching the pin to the substrate, (2) A micrometer is controlling the pin along the Z axis, (3) The pin is not yet in contact with the substrate and sample is visible on the end of the pin tip, (4) Spots are being produced with the pin 25 microns from surface of the substrate, (5) The sample contacts the substrate without the pin contacting the substrate, demonstrating that the pin does not have to touch the surface in order to deliver samples (6) Sample volumes delivered in this test are approximately 1 nanoliter in this demonstration. Professional series printheads with microarray printing pins and an automated microarray printer such as SpotBot® or NanoPrint™ are recommended for best printing results.


Arrayit microarray printing technology (U.S. 6,101,946) is sold license-free for research use only. All other uses of our patented technology including commercial testing and diagnostics require a license. For license inquiries, please contact our Licensing Department at



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