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Products - Recommended Products - Savant SpeedVac® High-Performance Vacuum Centrifuges

Arrayit recommends High-Performance Vacuum SpeedVac® Systems for every microarray laboratory as well as for life sciences, diagnostics and pharmaceutical applications. Please contact Arrayit or Savant for more information on these premier instruments.

The Savant SpeedVac® is used extensively in two of the five phases of the DNA Microarray Experimental Cycle:
1. biological question
2. sample preparation-X
3. microarray reaction-X
4. detection
5. data analysis and modeling

Some of the uses during the sample preparation and microarray reaction steps are summarized as follows:
1. DNA and RNA sample preparation-fast, efficient and nuclease-free drying of nucleic acid samples. Multiple heat settings are convenient for selective accelerated drying of nucleic acids. Two SpeedVac®s allow spinning and drying of either microfuge tubes or microplates or both at the same time. The use of a single pump is a real space saver. The pump is quiet and oil-free. The oil-free pump eliminates oily vapors, absolutely essential for successful implementation of microarrays.

2. Fluorescent sample preparation. Provides both centrifugation and drying of fluorescent samples, a cornerstone of the microarray industry. All the same advantages as above, with the additional attractive features of an automatic release vacuum release valve that engages only after the rotor has reached speed. Critical to prevent the loss of precious unlabeled and labeled samples.

3. Bacterial colony preparation. Minilysate DNA is used extensively in microarray experiments. The SC210A is used both for centrifugation and sample drying purposes. The deep geometry of the microplate rotor allows oversized microplates to be used.

4. PCR template preparation. Multiplex PCR amplification and purification of PCR products is critical for making cDNA microarrays. The SC210A finds use in two main aspects of PCR. Prior to PCR, the 210A is used as a low speed centrifuge to located each PCR sample to the bottom of the PCR microplate thereby removing trapped air and improving PCR efficiency. The rapid acceleration/deceleration speeds the time from the centrifuge to the thermal cycler thereby minimizing side reactions prior to thermal cycling. After PCR, the system is used as a low speed centrifuge to purify PCR products and as SpeedVac to take the samples to dryness after purification. The 8-microplate capacity is key to high-throughput.

5. DNA sequencing/dye terminator clean-up. DNA sequence information is used on both the upstream and downstream sides of the microarray reaction. On the upstream side, sequence info is used to make oligonucleotide microarrays and on the backside, sequencing is used to very cDNAs and in gene discovery. The dye terminator clean-up kits employ the SC210A as a low speed centrifuge and as SpeedVac®. Again, the 8 microplate capacity is key to high-throughput.

6. Solid substrate preparation. Microscope slides or variants thereof are the surfaces of choice for the microarray field. The SC210A is used as a low speed centrifuge to remove wash buffers from the slides during slide preparation. The clear acrylic top allows the user to examine items in the centrifuge in a dust-free manner.

7. Microarray processing. Microarray processing and hybridization requires low speed centrifugation of slides both before and after hybridization. The deep adapter on the microplate rotor accommodates 25mm x 75mm x 1 mm substrates.

The SpeedVac® Low Vacuum Systems are optimized for efficient sample concentration, ease of set-up, flexibility and low maintenance. These systems offer the compound discovery researcher a variety of conveniently packaged systems. All systems come complete with tubing, fluids and instructions to facilitate your immediate use of the system.

LVS1 Semi-Integrated Value System For Concentrating and Drying Aqueous Samples

- SPD111V SpeedVac® Concentrator

- RH40-11 Rotor

- UVS400 Universal Vacuum Source, -55 deg. C

- TFK100 Tubing Kit

- SCC1 CryoCool Heat Transfer Fluid

SC250DDA SpeedVac DDA Concentrator

The SC250DDA concentrator is the heart of the new SpeedVac® DDA product line. The new concentrator combines compact design with the proven Savant controller to offer fast, reliable batch processing. The heavy-duty universal rotor, optimized for efficient large sample processing, also offers sample container flexibility. It can accommodate carriers holding various tube and vial rotor blocks, in addition to 96 well plates. Evaporation rate is increased due to the enlarged vacuum port, built-in radiant lamps, and the addition of the heated cover. Dual timers can be set for unattended operation, while two digital vacuum gauges and added sight glass present continuous monitoring of the progress and system conditions.

The SC250DDA concentrator is the equipment of choice for use in combinatorial drug discovery due to its outstanding solvent compatibility. Unlike conventional concentrators, it can be used with virtually every solvent. This is accomplished with the exclusive use of TEFLON and TEFLON coated materials in the vapor path, along with its robust, chemical resistant design. Additionally, the unique dual valve manifold protects samples from foreign matter contamination while minimizing maintenance. It is capable of operating in an industrial environment requiring round-the-clock, nonstop operation with minimal upkeep. All features of the SC250DDA are embedded into every SpeedVac® DDA system.


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