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Products - Books & Software - DNA Microarrays: A Practical Approach Protocols Manual Edited by Arrayit President and Microarray Technology Pioneer Dr. Mark Schena

DNA Microarrays: A Practical Approach
Edited by Mark Schena, Ph.D.
Published by Oxford University Press

Includes 57 tried and tested protocols from recognized experts.

  • Essential reading for anyone interested in DNA Microarrays.


Chapter 1. Genes genomes and chips
Mark Schena and Ronald W. Davis

Chapter 2. Confocal scanning microscopy in microarray detection
Mack J. Schermer

Chapter 3. Representational differences analysis and microarray hybridization for efficient cloning and screening of differentially expressed genes
Stanley F. Nelson and Christopher T. Denny

Chapter 4. Use of oligonucleotide arrays in enzymatic assays: assay optimization
Stephen Case-Green, Clare Pritchard, and Edwin M. Southern

Chapter 5. Antisense oligonucleotide scanning arrays
John K. Elder, Martin Johnson, Natalie Milner, Kalim U. Mir, Muhammad Sohail, and Edwin M. Southern

Chapter 6. Application of ink-jet printing technology to the manufacture of molecular arrays
Thomas P. Theriault, Scott C. Winder, and Ronald C. Gamble

Chapter 7. Gene expression analysis via cDNA microarrays of laser capture microdissected cells from fixed tissue
Ranelle C. Salunga, Hongqing Guo, Lin Luo, Anton Bittner, D.C. Joy, Jim R. Chambers, Jackson S. Wan, Michael R. Jackson, and Mark G. Erlander

Chapter 8. Expression data and the bioinformatics challenges
Joel Lloyd Bellenson

Chapter 9. Active microelectronic arrays for DNA hybridization analysis
Michael J. Heller, Eugene Tu, Anita Holmsen, Ronald G. Sosnowski, and James O'Connell

Chapter 10. Gene chips and microarrays: applications in disease profiles, drug target discovery, drug action and toxicity
Renu A. Heller, John Allard, Fengrong Zuo, Christopher Lock, Stacy Wilson, Paul Klonowski, Hans Gmuender, Harold Van Wart, and Robert Booth.

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DNA Microarrays: A Practical ApproachEssential reading for students, researchers and executives working in the DNA microarray field. Edited by Dr. Mark Schena.


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