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Products – Books & Software – DNA Microarrays – Methods Express Compilation Edited by Arrayit President and Microarray Technology Pioneer Dr. Mark Schena

ArrayIt® offers DNA Microarrays – Methods Express, edited by the Father of Microarray Technology, Dr. Mark Schena.  Assembled with the assistance of Dr. David Hames and his colleagues at Scion Publishing, DNA Microarrays – ME offers the very latest protocols for DNA microarray experimentation. Twelve chapters written by leading laboratories worldwide is a must-read for anyone using DNA microarrays for whole genome or sub-genomic analysis of gene expression, genotyping, CGH, and other applications in humans and other organisms.

Book Description
Editor: M. Schena
Publisher: Scion Publishing Ltd.
Publication date: October 2007
ISBN: 9781904842156
Sigma Product Code: Z719307-1EA
Total pages: 255
Type: paperback
Price (U.S.): $85

Table of Contents
Contents, page v.
Contributors, page ix.
Preface, page xiv
Acknowledgements, page xv
Abbreviations, page xvi
Color section, page xix

1. Whole human genome microarrays (Mark Schena, Milton J. Friedman, Paul Haje, Todd Martinsky, Greg Suzuki,
Tony Costa, Joy Chung, Mel Ruiz, Chris Costa, Luis Machado, Rajiv Raja, and Rupal Desai), page 1.
2. Toxicogenomics of dioxin (Craig R. Tomlinson, Saikumar Karyala, Danielle Halbleib, Mario Medvedovic, and Alvaro Puga), page 31.
3. Amplified differential gene expression microarrays (Zhijian J. Chen and Kenneth D. Tew), page 51.
4. DNA microarray detection and genotyping of human papillomavirus (TaeJeong Oh, SookKyung Woo, MyungSoon Kim, and Sungwhan An), page 65.
5. Expression profiling of transcriptional start sites (Mutsumi Kanamori-Katayama, Shintaro Katayama, Harukazu Suzuki, Yoshihide Hayashizaki), page 81.
6. Methods for increasing the utility of microarray data (Kazuro Shimokawa, Rimantas Kodzius, Yonehiro Matsumura, and Yoshihide Hayashizaki), page 103.
7. Key features of bacterial artificial chromosome microarray production and use (Timon P.H. Buys, Ian M. Wilson, Bradley P. Coe, William W. Lockwood, Jonathan J. Davies, Raj Chari, Ronald J. DeLeeuw, Ashleen Shadeo, Calum MacAulay, and Wan L. Lam), page 115.
8. Epigenetic analysis of cellular immortalization (Aviva Levine Fridman, Scott A. Tainsky, and Michael A. Tainsky), page 147.
9. Microarray comparative genomic hybridization (Simon Hughes, Richard Houlston, and Jeremy A. Squire), page 161.
10. RNA sample preparation and small-quantity RNA profiling for microarray biomarker discovery (Jianyong Shou and Lawrence M. Gelbert), page 179.
11. DNA microarrays to study nonhuman primate gene expression (Stephen J. Walker), page 201.
12. Enhanced microarray hybridization using surface acoustic wave mixing (Natalie Stickle, Kelly Jackson, Andreas Toegl, Frank Feist, and Neil Winegarden), page 225.
List of suppliers, page 238.
Index, page 241.

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DNA Microarrays – Methods Express, edited by Mark Schena and published by Scion Publishing.  Methods book containing 12 chapters from leading laboratories covering the latest protocols and procedures for DNA microarray experimentation.  This must-have book is an essential resource for all laboratories working on DNA microarrays.


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