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Protein Microarrays
Mark Schena, Ph.D.
ISBN: 0-7637-3127-7
U.S. List Price: $209 (Please inquire for volume discounts)
Cover: Hardcover
Publisher: Jones and Bartlett (Sudbury, MA)
Pages: 469
Copyright: 2005
Available: 04/28/2004

This cutting-edge volume edited by Dr. Mark Schena, the leading expert in the microarray field, features contributions by renowned scientists in the hot new field of protein microarrays. This new technology has experienced explosive growth over recent years, and promises major breakthroughs in disease diagnosis and new pharmaceutical development. Protein Microarrays is one of the first books in this exciting new technology and will be an essential reference for most biotechnology professionals and biologists.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.  Principles of Protein Microarrays; Mark Schena

Chapter 2.  Novel Strategies in Protein Microarray Generation and Detection; Yee-Peng Rina Lue, Su-Yin Dawn Yeo, Lay-Pheng Tan, Mahesh Uttamchandani, Grace Yi-Jun Chen, and Shao Q. Yao

Chapter 3.  Practical Guide to Protein Microarrays: Assay Systems, Methods, and Algorithms; Mikhail Soloviev, Jon Terrett

Chapter 4.  Microarrays for the High-Throughput Analysis of Protein--Carbohydrate Interactions; William G. T. Willats

Chapter 5.  Protein Microarrays: Principles and Limitations; Victor N. Morozov

Chapter 6.  System-Oriented Proteomics Using Protein-Domain Microarrays; Alexsandra Espejo, Mark T. Bedford

Chapter 7.  Colorimetric Microarray Assays for Rheumatoid Arthritis using a Recombinant Proteome Library; Stewart J. Lebrun

Chapter 8.  Academic and Commercial Aspects of Protein Microarray Development; Seung-yong Seong

Chapter 9.  Analyzing Proteins and Protein Modifications with ArrayTube™ Antibody Microarrays; Stefan Wölfl, Annegret Dummer, Larissa Pusch, Marina Pfalz, Lin Wang, Joachim H.   Clement, Ines Leube, Ralf Ehricht

Chapter 10.  Non-contact Dispensing for Protein Microarrays; Thomas C. Tisone, John L. Tonkinson

Chapter 11.  High Speed, High Efficiency Protein Printing by BioLP™; Bradley R. Ringeisen, Jason A. Barron, David B. Krizman

Chapter 12.  Putting the “Bio” in Biochips: Capture Agents for Protein Microarray Expression Profiling Platforms; David S. Wilson, Michael L. Phelan, Steffen Nock

Chapter 13.  Protein Biochips for the Profiling of Allergen-Specific Antibodies; Christian Harwanegg, Susanne Spitzauer, Rudolf Valenta, Manfred W. Mueller, Reinhard Hiller

Chapter 14.  Solid Supports for Protein Microarrays and Related Devices; Wlad Kusnezow, Timo Pulli, Olaf Witt, Jörg D. Hoheisel

Chapter 15.  Protein Microarrays for Biosensor Applications; Michael G. Weller

Chapter 16.  Technological Aspects of Protein Microarrays and Nanoarrays; Fan-Gang Tseng, Shih-Chang Lin, Da-Jen Yao, Haimei Huang, Ching-Chang Chieng

Chapter 17.  Mega-Dense Nanoarrays: The Challenge of Novel Antibody Microarray Formats; Christer Wingren, Lars Montelius, Carl A. K. Borrebaeck

Chapter 18.  INFINITI™ System: An Automated Multiplexing Protein Microarray Platform; Anupam Talapatra, Vijay Mahant, Fareed Kureshy, Gary Hardiman

Chapter 19.  Protein Microarrays for Analysis of Antibody Responses in Animals and Humans; Paul J. Utz, Lawrence Steinman, William H. Robinson

Chapter 20.  G Protein–Coupled Receptor Microarrays: A Versatile Tool for Drug Discovery; Ye Fang, Yulong Hong, Jinlin Peng, Joydeep Lahiri

Chapter 21.  Proteome-Scale Analysis of the Immune Response Against Pathogenic Microorganisms; Tito Bacarese-Hamilton, Julian Gray, Andrea Crisanti

Chapter 22. Development of Protein Microarrays for Drug Discovery; Jens O. Koopmann, Michael B. McAndrew, Jonathan M. Blackburn

Chapter 23. Development and Applications of Functional Protein Microarrays; James Ball, Barry Schweitzer, Paul Predki, Michael Snyder

Chapter 24. Enabling Tools for Protein Microarrays; Todd Martinsky

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Protein Microarray Textbook

Protein Microarrays is the first book in this exciting new technology area and is an essential reference for all laboratories studying protein microarrays



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