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Products - Protein Microarrays - Transcription Factor Antibody Microarrays for Measuring Transcription Factor Levels in Human Cell Extracts

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Microarray transcription factor profiling systems enable researchers to rapidly identify transcription factors that drive biological responses. They employ a powerful multiplexed approach for simultaneously measuring the binding of different transcription factors to their unique regulatory DNA elements.

Key features include:

  • Minimal sample requirements
  • Quantitative results allow comparisons among cell
    types or treatments
  • Better sensitivity and dynamic range than gel shifts
    or ELISAs
  • Rapid time to results—3 hours from start to finish
  • Ten transcription factors measured simultaneously

Intended Use
Because biological responses are comprised of multiple interconnected events, there is a great need for analytical tools that can measure multiple biological endpoints in parallel to provide contextually relevant results. Changes in the activity of transcription factors, key regulatory proteins that control and modulate gene expression, have been difficult to characterize because of the limitations in currently available methods including gel shifts, reporter gene assays and ELISA assays. These older systems have major drawbacks, including: low throughput, labor intensive and time consuming, large numbers of cells required, lack of quantitative results.

More importantly, none of these methods allow one to measure the activity of multiple transcription factors simultaneously. Multiplexed Transcription Factor Profiling Kit can generate quantitative profiles of functionally active proteins, offering an unparalleled capability to study how gene expression is modulated in complex biological systems under a variety of conditions. This one-of-a-kind platform is designed for testing multiple samples in microarray format. This revolutionary multiplexed profiling technology can dramatically accelerate studies in fields ranging from basic research in signal transduction and proteomics to target identification validation, compound screening, toxicity testing, and disease characterization. This transcription factor profiling system can be applied to a wide range of scientific disciplines as well as in drug discovery and development across all disease areas.

Product developed in Collaboration with Marligen Biosciences.

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