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Products - Protein Microarrays - Protein Labeling Kits for Cyanine 3 and Cyanine 5 Covalent Protein Labeling for Protein and Proteomic Microarrays

Whether you are labeling monoclonal antibodies, secondary IgG, enzymes or other proteins, these kits will provide unsurpassed in simplicity, ease-of-use and flexibility.

Our amine reactive dyes are excellent alternatives to the Cy3 and Cy5 Dyes used in conjunction with today’s most popular microarray scanners. The absorption for ArrayIt® Red640 is 550 with an emission of 570. ArrayIt® Green540 absorbs at 649 and emits at 670. It is not necessary to purchase new filter sets to use these kits!

These reactive dyes are compatible with protein microarrays, ELISA-based microarray assays, immunohistochemical staining, multiplex immunohistochemical staining, western blot detection and flow cytometry.

Purification of your labeling reaction is accomplished with Centri Sep Spin columns, known for their reliability and consistency.

Using a table-top centrifuge, your labeled protein is purified by simply pipetting your labeling reaction into two hydrated Centri Sep columns and centrifuging for two minutes.

Since the hydration buffer of the Centri Sep column is chosen by you, your purified labeled protein is eluted into a buffer of your choice, allowing its immediate use for your next research step.

Users will appreciate the following:

  • Bright signals
  • Excellent excitation and emission spectra
  • High labeling yields
  • Compatible with all microarray scanners
  • Reliable and consistent labeling
  • Compatible with multiple applications
  • Good photo stability
  • Aqueous reactive NHS Ester groups

Figure 1. Two color antibody microarray. Compare two biological samples to measure the absolute and relative differences in protein expression. This procedure is fluorescence-based and compatible with all current microarray scanners. Extracted proteins are directly labeled (kit provided) and analyzed. The covalently immobilized antibodies capture fluorescently labeled antigens during the reaction step. Normal and cancerous cells can be compared. The raw data provide a measure of proteins from samples A & B (see above graphic).


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