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Microarray Services - Technical Videos - Microarray Wash Trays for Blocking, Washing and Rinsing Glass Substrate Slide DNA and Protein Microarrays


Arrayit offers an easy to use molded plastic tray with lid for washing microarrays when using Multi-Well Reaction Cassettes AHC4x24, AHC4x16, AHC4x8, MMH96 and other tools. This container can be used to manually wash and block microarray slide substrates without removing them from the base of the reaction tool, up to 96 microarrays at a time. Compatible with all of Arrayit DNA and Protein Microarray Buffers.  Compatible with all standard acqueous microarray washing and blocking buffer formulations.  For higher throughput processing of slides in racks, see the High Throughput Wash Station.

Figure 1. Base of reaction tool filled with 4 slides, and 100 ml of buffer.  This container sits on your favorite shaker to create agitation for washing microarrays slides.

Figure 2. AHC4x24 Hybrdization Cassette which enables 96 microarrays, 24 microarrays per slide substrate. See the tools section of our website for other hybridization cassettes compatible with this container. These reaction tools and Array Plate  hybridization station are sold separately.

This tray is most useful after a set of hybridizations or incubations are completed on the Array Plate Hybridization Station using a plate based multi-well hybridization cassette.

1. Expel hybridization reaction from all the wells first and immediately proceed to remove top of the reaction casssette lid in a large volume of wash buffer designed for your assay.

2. Typically 3 or more washes are required after each reaction, therefore have 1 tray setup for each of the buffers you want to use, so you can quickly transfer the microarrays on the base between each buffer.  Use ~100 ml of buffer.  Put the tray on a shaker to provide agitation that will provide a very homogenous wash across all the microarrays on the slide substrates.  The microarrays stay in the base of the tool.

3. After washes are complete, remove microarrays 1 at a from the base of the reaction tool and dry in a Microarray Centrifuge.  If more reactions are requried, have a second clean and dry microarray hybridization cassette of the same format ready to load directly after drying the microarrays for subsequent hybridization, binding or detection reactions.

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Microarray Wash Trays

Pack of 5 Microarray Wash Station Containers for Multi-well Hybridization Cassettes. Non disposable, can be wash and re-used many times.



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