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Services - Technical Videos - Microarray Imprinter Empowers Multiplexed Microarray Assays by Creating Hydrophobic Masks and Reactive Wells on Glass Substrate Slides


Create your own hydrophobic well patterns for numerous microarray applications. The Microarray Slide Imprinter is an easy and cost effective way to partition microarray slides and substrates with a hydrophobic pattern for microarray and other slide based applications. This durable instrument is ideal for high throughput microarray experiments where multiple assays need to be run on a single microarray substrate slide with no risk of contamination between wells.

The Microarray Substrate Imprinter is a unique substrate slide partitioning technology that empowers the researcher to create microarray “wells” on virtually any microarray substrate slide.

Gaskets and other approaches
Gaskets without adhesive may not seal completely if the hardware is not designed properly and over time gaskets can wear out. If you prefer a high quality gasket type system, click here. Gaskets with adhesive can leak if the adhesive is soluble in the solvents used in processing the microarray. Gaskets must be removed before scanning which can cause some types of microarray surface chemistries to peel off the surface (none from Arrayit). Hydrophobic markers such as PAP pens are tedious and difficult to apply, are soluble in certain solvents, and the resulting partitions are often inaccurate. Some manufactured barriers are expensive, must be ordered in quantity, and design changes can be time consuming to implement.






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