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Services - Technical Videos - SpotBot® 3 Desktop Personal Microarrayer Instrument Chamber During the Contact Printing Microarray Manufacturing Process


Arrayit SpotBot® 3 Personal Microarrayer during the operation of the instrument. SpotBot® 3 systems make creating your own microarrays a standard and common laboratory practice, as fundamental as using pipetting only easier. Arrayit offers the finest personal microarrayers available, with nearly 400 installations worldwide. Our desktop microarray manufacturing instruments use advanced micro-robotics to ensure precision, compactness and affordability. SpotBot® 3 will print 384 samples onto 14 substrates in duplicate in 2 hours using four patented 946 Micro Spotting Pins. SpotBot® systems are perfect complements to microarray core facilities, ideal for innovative research and diagnostics, and essential instruments for all microarray, research, life sciences, diagnostics and pharma laboratories.












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