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Services - Oligonucleotide Synthesis for Microarrays

Custom Oligonucleotide Synthesis Services from Arrayit Corporation provide unprecedented access to high quality oligonucleotdies specifically designed and manufactured for microarray applications at a great price.  We also provide oligonucleotide design services as well...see eChips.

Oligos come with or without amino linkers at 100 µM normalized concentration to assure that the sample preparation on your end is easy and guaranteed high quality.  Protocol is to add an equal amount of normalized oligonucleotide and water mixed with Micro Spotting Plus buffer and mix in our 384 well plate (catalog ID MMP384).  Spin samples to the bottom of the plate in a microplate centrifuge and load onto a NanoPrint or SpotBot Microarrayer.

Arrayit oligos are made using a proprietary deprotection technology that allow us to obtain purities of  >98% for 20 mers and >90% for 70 mers without loss of OD caused by purification columns.

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