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Services - Stem Cells

Arrayit Microarray Technology provides platforms, instruments, tools, kits, reagents and services for a wide range research and clinical applications of stem cell biology including whole genome expression profiling, elucidation of transcription factor function, biomarker identification, single cell amplification, genotyping and therapeutic treatment benchmarking. Customers can leverage whole genomic microarrays with the most comprehensive genomic coverage of any product on the market, as well as focused microarrays containing gene subsets that mediate stem cell signaling. Adult stem cell populations including amniotic cells that are totipotent, pluripotent, multipotent, oligopotent and unipotent offer tissue repair possibilities for human injury, human disease and many other therapeutic treatments. When customers combine Arrayit technology with their stem cell applications, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

Click here to download the stem cell powerpoint entitled “Transcriptional Profiling Of Human Amniotic Fluid-Derived Stem Cells - Where Do They Reside In The Developmental Continuum?” by stem cell pioneers Dr. David Mack, Dr. Kathryn Gallaher and Dr. Stephen J Walker from the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC, USA.

Stem cell biology applications

  • Single cell amplification
  • Whole genome expression profiling
  • Targeted stem cell signaling pathway analysis
  • Transcription factor identification and elucidation
  • Engineered cell and transgene analysis
  • Stem cell and host genotyping
  • Immunological analysis
  • Stem cell propagation and growth media benchmarking
  • Stem cell microarray printing services
  • Custom stem cell microarrays
  • High sensitivity and high specificity expression profiling
  • Human, mouse, rat and other stem cell model organisms
  • Measure all 25,000+ human genes in a single step
  • Multiple microarrays per device for high-throughput stem cell screening
  • Couple synthetic biology and stem cell therapies
  • Create optimized transgenes for gene therapy and stem cell biology
  • Isolate, store and ship stem cells using blood card technology
  • Generate whole genome expression profiles for amniotic stem cell sub-populations
  • Analyze totipotent, pluripotent, multipotent, oligopotent and unipotent stem cells
  • Screen stem cell libraries for biomarkers of interest
  • Screen stem cell microarrays for cell surface markers
  • Arrayit platforms, instruments, tools, kits and reagents empower stem cell biology in your lab

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